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MLP kindle

I need MLP friends. I’m stuck at trying to get scooterloo.

I play the kindle fire version. I’m not sure if formats matter but the friends I’ve added so far won’t display on my game. 

my username is: peptastic

Jun 9

I’m going to go ahead and take the Constitution at its word that we’re guaranteed the right of a free press. So, obviously, are other people doing so. And that means that it isn’t the people who are being threatened who deserve and will get the investigations, but those issuing the threats who will get that. That’s why there’s a free press. That’s what adversarial journalism means.

- Glenn Greenwald


I sort of lost touch with the news. 

What happened to the Magnet album? I know the last tour is still on which I can’t go to since I’m in Florida. I made the trip for the 2011 back home tour but this year won’t be doable for me. :(

Last I’d heard Steve posted an “I’m sorry” picture on facebook but then  nothing for ages.

I haven’t even read any side-line bashing Steve articles. They used to do it constantly.

Maybe I hadn’t missed anything and it’s just been a slow year for and one news… 

Andrew Sullivan, terrorism, and the art of distortion

I wonder why the guardian chose to delete the comments from all the Woolwich related articles. They had closed comments down at night on Thursday. I suppose the moderating was too much? I thought the Sam Harris thread was bad but a thousand comments disappeared from Thursday to Friday.

Andrew Sullivan really is a tool.

From the article: “So self-evident was Sullivan’s Friday night bad conduct here that, within hours, numerous people had harshly condemned it. Law professor Kevin Jon Heller wrote: “Sullivan distorts Greenwald’s argument beyond all recognition; I can only assume deliberately.”“

I can’t stand to read Sullivan myself so I was thinking that Heller’s take sounded pretty apt. 

Glenn’s take is interesting:

"So Sullivan not only understands my point here, but grants himself license to make it himself when doing so advances his cause of praising and defending Obama. What, then, accounts for the distortions and sustained rage that ensues every time I make these arguments - not just from Sullivan but generally?

I think the answer lies in the very first sentence Sullivan wrote when responding to my column: “I really have to try restrain my anger here.” It’s an intensely emotional reaction, not a rational one. He, and so many others, are deeply invested on a psychological and personal level in protecting the narrative that Islam is a uniquely violent force in the world, that Muslim extremists pose a threat that nobody else poses, and that the US, the West and its allies (including Israel) are morally superior and more civilized than their adversaries, and their violence is more noble and elevated.”

Glenn’s insight is invaluable. How do so many people commit such atrocities and refuse to see that it keeps perpetuating?

Glenn Greenwald:

No matter how many evil things your government does, no matter how many innocent people are killed by the political leader you deliriously adore, no matter how much blood you have on your own hands for exploiting your media platform to publicly cheer for mass violence and slaughter, all of that can be redeemed, or at least mitigated, only if there is Someone Else Over There who you can point to as The Supreme and Unique Evil. Sure, we make mistakes and do some bad things. But we’re not like them: the Ultimate Savages. The Primitive Islamic Hordes. The Terrorists. That’s why it’s urgent that these designations of special evil (Terrorist) be reserved exclusively for Them: only then can we elevate ourselves.”

Fantastic article.


Hell yeah!

I’m shipping Kenzi and Hale big time.


Finally that wonderful moment has arrived - IAMX has new material out. 

Most artists tend to slip up after a few albums and make something half-decent. Not musical genius Chris Corner. 4 albums down and they’re ALL good, varying from ‘good’ to ‘close to perfection’. And guess what? The two singles from his next, 5th album, are amazing once more! This song is new, it’s different, and it’s wonderful. 

IAMX - The Unified Field 

I agree because Chris Corner is filled with talent.

Can’t wait to see iamx in May!


4 more days!

I just watched both seasons while sick in bed. It really got me through.
Plus, perfect timing because the new season is about to start.


4 more days!

I just watched both seasons while sick in bed. It really got me through.

Plus, perfect timing because the new season is about to start.

And One


I love you. But what is military fashion show actually about? Lol

- My take on military fashion show is that all is fair in love and war.

I could be wrong though.